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Form elements

Checkbox/Radio groups

Here are sample "Checkbox/radio groups" These are essentially tables that wrap a series of checkboxes or radio buttons in Visual Studio 2005. You can now style these by selecting: class="checktable" In the markup, this class will appear in the table tag surrounding the checkboxes.

Important note:
Make sure the cellpadding and cellspacing of the table are all set to zero.
Rock, paper or scissors?
Cars owned:
Simple form

Below is your basic form. It doesn't use a table; just logical markup. select class="labelontop" for each input/label pairing when using Visual studio 2005. This method is not recommended for radio buttons and checkboxes unless they are contained in radio/checkbox "groups".

Checkboxes in a checkbox group (see above)

You can insert checkbox and radio groups in this form as follows by using class="checktable":

Only one checkbox?

For this example directly below, select class="labelatside" for the input/label combo when using Visual Studio 2005.

Side by side form

This form needs a table, but is otherwise very simple. This form uses Visual Studio 2005-friendly radio/checkbox groups, but the overall structure, as well as the use of text inputs, textareas, and select boxes, cause it to require hand-coding or coding by another method for the following reasons:

  1. In the sample below, the label and it's associated input tag exist in separate columns. Visual Studio 2005's <span> tag that encapsulates both label and input can therefore cannot be used.
  2. Each left column <td> must use "class="rtlabel".


Inline form

This is just a variation of the above form.

Sample SAS form
Quick schedule
-- OR --
-- Then --

Select start time (in the next 24 hours)

Quick batch
Form extras

No more making images for buttons. All input buttons are now created using styles. Want to make a link look like a button for the sake of impact? look no further. Below are "real" input buttons with their corresponding "faux" buttons that are actually links.

This is a faux button »
This is a faux button »
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